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Woodland Waterfall Getaway



At Highline Construction, we relish a challenge, and this fully custom treehouse home was no exception. Over 20ft off the ground, this treehouse was built directly next to a natural waterfall with some of the most beautiful views around. Tasteful, detailed, and thoughtfully planned, this incredible home will serve its occupants for decades to come.

The most exciting thing about this project, perhaps, isthat the client is an arborist with extensive experience with working on trees. We gratefully called on this client’s expertise to help with the rigging and configuration for the treehouse home. Thanks to all the planning, there is room for the trees to grow for the next 30+ years! Adjustable beams account for the tree growth over the years; working with unfamiliar equipment for this particular aspect of the project was both challenging and exciting.

It was a lot of work to bring materials to the site and work so high up off the ground, but the finished product is a testament to the dedication of our team members. Working with the client, we drew inspiration from the trees and surrounding area to craft the initial design and choose materials resistant to moisture from the elements and suitable for a home built above the ground. The ceiling and deck are 5/4x6 tight knot cedar; maple flooring and fir trim round out the natural look. The blue exterior is striking in the forest, and pleasing to the eye. In order to keep lasting color and quality, we used cement board siding from Hardie Board and Back. The windowsills and sliding patio doors use a cedar drip edge, keeping consistent with the natural wood materials used throughout the treehouse. Details such as the handrails (stainless cable rail with TK cedar post, picture frame, and top cap) make this home shine.

Although aspects of this project were challenging, it was good to be pushed out of our comfort zone and try something new! The finished treehouse home is elegant and sturdy, with great detailing and the finish to help it last for decades.

A Houzz badge indicating Highline Construction received Best of Houzz awards in 2016, 2017, 2018, and 2020

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– Matt Whitten, Bellingham, WA

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