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Garage Converted to Loft Apartment



Highline Construction works all kinds of construction projects, from constructing custom residential homes to renovating commercial offices. For this particular job, we converted a garage into a modern studio apartment complete with a loft bedroom. Clean lines, dark accents, and an efficient use of space make this loft apartment both unique and desirable. Highline Interiors designed and Highline Construction installed custom black cabinets in addition to an updated kitchen, MSI Fantasy Grey countertop, and a light taupe backsplash set in brick style. A polished concrete floor original to the garage preserves the clean and modern feel to the space.

Custom is the name of the game for this studio apartment. Highline worked with the space in order to build several pieces that bring the entire place together. The loft flooring was carefully cut to fit the custom spiral staircase leading upstairs. Barred railings and steel framing lend an air of permanence to the open concept bedroom. The loft makes efficient use of the space available, fitting everything the resident could want into a single apartment without feeling crowded. A live edge bench by the entrance provides both a place to sit and a natural work of art that fits seamlessly within the design of the entire space.

Heating might be a concern for some given the apartment’s former use as a garage, but Highline has all potential worries covered. Ducoterra radiant ceiling panels provide consistent heat throughout the coldest of PNW winters, leaving every inhabitant comfortable in every part of the apartment. From the black accents to the natural wood ceiling, Highline crafted every detail of this project to fit the client’s needs and fully transform the garage into a living space. Don’t hesitate to contact us for any of your remodel or construction needs!

A Houzz badge indicating Highline Construction received Best of Houzz awards in 2016, 2017, 2018, and 2020

BEGIN YOUR PROJECT TODAY“Highline exceeded our expectations.

“Communication was constant, honest and clear. Trevor and his crew were all friendly and professional.  They listened to our requests and delivered.

“We are thrilled with the quality of work! The project was on time and on budget. We will definitely be recommending Highline to our friends and family.”

– Matt Whitten, Bellingham, WA

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