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South Hill Addition


Bellingham is filled with charming historic homes. Though we do enjoy the process of a complete ground-up custom home build, large residential remodels and additions offer their own unique challenges. In this case, we had the opportunity to do both the design and the build for an addition and renovation to a 1931 home on the South Hill. Our clients were particularly interested in maintaining the spirit of the home while modifying the layout to allow them to age in place. Though it was hard to know exactly what we’d be getting into, considering the home was built over 90 years ago, our team was up for the adventure.

If you live in Whatcom County, you know the South Hill neighborhood is quite steep. It offers stunning views of the bay and is, simply put, adorable. That steep hill takes its toll on the century-old homes it houses, though. In this case, as we got to work, we found substantial elevation changes in the existing home. This called for additional engineering and especially careful craftsmanship. In the end, we pulled it off and were able to give our clients the home they’d hoped for.

Though there is still an upstairs level with space for guests, we added considerable square footage to the main floor and moved things around to create a layout that allows for single-level living. This included creating a master bedroom that opens up to a deck with views of Bellingham Bay. We added an extension to the living room. Now their guests can enjoy the sweet sounds of their grand piano from all angles. The kitchen was moved to the center of the home, and the stairwell to the top floor was opened up to create a more flowing transition.

In the interest of maintaining the spirit of the home, the couple made bold and charming historically-appropriate selections, including bathroom tile that is sure to put a smile on your face. The homeowners even curated a bespoke stained glass window for the front entry and an octagonal window for the bathroom. So fun.

Breathing new life into old homes isn’t as simple or quick as your favorite “reality” shows may make it seem. In the end, though, we’re glad we could give our clients their perfect home to retire in while preserving that historic charm that makes Bellingham such a beautiful coastal city.  

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