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Spring into Transformation: An Interview with Stress-Free Living Expert Jennifer Johnson

March 1, 2023

Here in the Pacific Northwest where the winters are particularly gray, spring may be the most romantic season. The transition it brings is evident to all of our senses. The air smells, feels, and even tastes sweeter. Colors become varied and vivid again. Like bears coming out of hibernation, we welcome the spring and allow it to motivate us. The birds chirp back to affirm we ought to get moving.

Perhaps this is why we get more calls at Highline this time of year. Come spring, folks have been cooped up inside long enough to have been driven crazy by the things they’d like to change about their homes. It’s time to remodel, build an addition, maybe even build new! Sometimes the changes are less grandiose, but still important.

If spring cleaning is on your mind, we’ve got just the person for you to talk to: local professional home organization expert and founder of The Orderly Space, Jennifer Johnson. She’s a delight to talk to. Tera connected with her this week to talk about Jennifer’s home remodel, giving back, and the power of a well-designed and well-organized space.


Tera: Our team at Highline has known you for a few years now and we have worked together in a couple of different capacities. Tell our readers how you first got connected with Highline and how our relationship has grown from there.

Jennifer: I met Trevor several years ago when we were in the initial planning phases of our home remodel. We met with several different builders and knew instantly that Highline was the only option for us! The level of attention to detail and systems that Highline had in place was imperative to not only the success of our project, but also essential to keeping the entire process stress free! 

In Jennifer’s home remodel, it was a priority to create an open space for cooking and eating together.  The space was intended to be kept simple to focus on what really matters: family and food.


Tera: Being that you are a professional organizer, was it difficult to find a design team that you felt confident in for your home remodel? How did you know Highline was going to be able to deliver the organized, clean, and minimalist design you and your family needed?

Jennifer: As a professional organizer working in so many luxury homes, I would say the standards I had going into the process were perhaps higher than typical! This definitely set the bar high, but what drew me to Highline's process was that it was a one-stop shop, making my life during the remodel so much easier. We appreciated that everything was handled in-house - from the initial design and construction to picking out our finishes - we were able to do it all with Highline without any of the running around that is typical during construction, while also maintaining a level of consistency throughout all phases of the project.

 “…what drew me to Highline’s process was that it was a one-stop shop, making life during the remodel so much easier.”

Tera: You’re normally providing services to your clients. While working with us for your home remodel, what was it like to be on the receiving end? Was it nice to be able to let go and let someone else manage the project or was it a terrifying leap of faith?

Jennifer: Working with all sorts of clients on all types of projects, I know firsthand that letting go and trusting the process is essential to achieving the greatest results. When our clients trust our methods and practices they get the most out of the experience, so when working with Highline it was important to me to lean on their expertise and trust their process!

Tera: In the end, were you happy with your remodel, and, now that you’ve been living in the space for quite some time, what has been your favorite part?

Jennifer: Thankfully, we wrapped up our remodel about six months prior to the pandemic, I couldn't have imagined a better timing! I didn't think it was possible to be more appreciative of the work Highline did for us, but during those months at home we came to appreciate it even more! I couldn't possibly pick a favorite part of the transformation. It’s literally unrecognizable from where it all started!

“I couldn’t possibly pick a favorite part of the transformation. It’s literally unrecognizable from where it all started!”

Tera: Tell us a little about how The Orderly Space got started and what compelled you to take on an annual service project?

Jennifer: I started The Orderly Space almost 6 years ago out of a desire to help busy families simplify their homes. Between careers, kids, pets, and travel, I knew firsthand how vital organization and good systems were to the success of our household. It's our goal at The Orderly Space to help our clients achieve that! Each year our team looks forward to our annual Service Project where together with many local businesses we make over a deserving family's home. We believe so wholeheartedly in the power of organization to restore peace and calm to a home, that it is our goal to regularly give back to the community to those who would otherwise never get the opportunity to work with our team.

Tera: We’ve been really honored to partner with your team on these service projects the past couple of years. A number of our employees have commented on how Highline’s commitment to build community contributes to their overall job satisfaction. Have you seen the same results with your team? I mean, of course we give back because it is the right thing to do, but I think it’s fair to recognize that our philanthropic efforts help us maintain strong morale within our teams, so we definitely benefit from it too. Would you agree?

Jennifer: 100%. Our Service Project is the highlight of our year. It brings our team together over our shared values and instills in each of us a sense of belonging to something greater. It truly is a magical experience!

Transforming chaos into order wherever she goes, Jennifer takes the stress out of organization so her clients can breathe easy.


Tera: So, springtime is here, or almost here. I think many of us are feeling that itch and seeking out transformation in our own lives. Maybe it’s as simple as a spring cleaning, or maybe it’s a whole house remodel or even building a new home. For folks thinking about remodeling or building, would you recommend they book a free consultation with you early on before they have plans drafted or later once the home is built? When do you like to start the conversation?

Jennifer: While it's pretty typical for clients to reach out to us in the final stages of construction, a consult during the early stages of design brings tremendous value to the entire process. As clients begin to receive cabinet and closet renderings, we are able to review those with our clients and offer insight into changes that can be made to optimize the space for their unique needs. Once construction is wrapping up, we typically need at least 6 - 8 weeks to coordinate schedules to get our clients moved into their new space. 

“While it’s pretty typical for clients to reach out to us in the final stages of construction, a consult during the early stages of design brings tremendous value to the entire process.”

Tera: Awesome. Well, thank you, Jennifer, for the many ways in which we’ve gotten to work together and for this great Q and A. Is there anything else you’d like to share or expand on before we wrap up?

Life can feel so much more effortless when we exist in spaces that are both thoughtfully designed and thoughtfully organized.


Jennifer: When we think about what a home is and how it truly is our sanctuary from the chaos of the world around us, it's important to not undervalue the importance of investing in our home. Whether it's renovating, organizing, or decorating, when our external environment is a source of joy and peace, our internal state is calm and relaxed. When we started our renovation process, I remember talking to Trevor about how the return on investment for our remodel was less important than the everyday value that investment brought to our busy family. The same is true with organizing too! So, whether your current home is your forever home or a short-term solution, consider the everyday value that investing in your home will bring to you and your family, and who knows, those modifications might just turn a short-term solution into forever!


If the onset of spring has you ready to transform your chaotic home into a space of serenity and order, you can find The Orderly Space online, including on Instagram. Interested in working with Jennifer and with us? We’re happy to collaborate with her throughout the design process.

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