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How to Add Value to Your Home

October 1, 2021

The process of selling your home can be long and difficult- but it doesn’t have to be! Updating, decorating, and fixing different parts of your home can add value, and the numbers add up quickly! Read on for 8 tips and tricks on how to spruce up your home for the market.

Paint!- Paint, paint, and more paint! A fresh coat of paint on the outside or the inside of the home gives off the impression of newness, and that means money! Most gallons of paint go for less than $30 a gallon, making a paint job a cost-effective way to upgrade your house.

Energy Efficiency- While the climate control and energy systems aren’t necessarily the most visible parts of the home, an update can pull its weight in a big way. By making sure your home is being heated, lit, and cooled in the most efficient way possible, you’re cutting down on not only your costs, but future costs as well. Potential buyers see efficient energy systems as a big investment in their future home.

Curb Appeal- Think about the outside of your home. What does the landscaping look like? Consider improving upon your lawn, plants, and overall outdoor decor. A bit of investment on the outside will raise the curb appeal for the neighbors- and future buyers.

Hire A Pro- A professional designer or real estate agent can come to your house and look it over, pointing out things that potential buyers look for. You can greatly benefit from some inside information on what your unique space needs to appeal to the greatest audience. A professional designer will most likely charge around $100 dollars for an hour of their time, but the advice and direction will save you a lot of time and effort.

Inspect Inspect Inspect- No one likes hidden costs- least of all a home buyer. Ask an inspector to come buy and check out the less visible parts of your home: HVAC systems, gutters, vents, and the roof. By ensuring everything is in tip top shape, you can reassure buyers and present a problem-free home.

Upgrade Those Appliances- Nothing makes a kitchen more disappointing than outdated appliances. A functional kitchen, one that looks good too, is a huge selling point. By investing in your kitchen early, you can gain more back in the selling. Don’t overlook this guaranteed money return!

Get Rid Of The Carpet!- Very few potential buyers will be excited to see excess carpet (especially in the bathroom- gross). Kids and pets are not exactly carpet-friendly, and hardwood floors are a much more welcome sight. Consider ripping out your old carpet and installing hardwood; not only will old stains and smells be gone, but a clean fresh look will take its place!

Please Take Out Popcorn Ceilings- Very few things are as dated as a popcorn ceiling. Older homes have them in every room, and an easy way to upgrade your space is to take them out! However, tread carefully. Some of these ceilings can have asbestos in them, so hire an inspector before going forward.

Those were eight tips on improving your home’s value! Be sure to check out our project gallery for renovation inspiration! You can also look on sites like Pinterest and Zillow to keep ahead of interior trends. Don’t hesitate to reach out to any of our team members if you have a question about what you can do with your home!

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