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Green Building Practices at Highline

December 1, 2021

When it comes to ensuring lasting sustainability, Highline takes great care. Each project that we undertake is  looked over for efficiency, sustainability, and its environmental impact. Specific builds and projects pursue certifications through a variety of green building programs, and Highline is currently working on becoming LEED certified (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), a process with a points-based system geared toward environmental sustainability. Highline’s desire to adhere to environmental standards in the construction industry can be understood in terms of what green building is, why it’s important, and what we’re doing to ensure that our projects contribute to a sustainable future. 

What is Green Building? Green building is a broad term describing design and construction practices that  acknowledge and respond to the complex issues surrounding the impact that building can have on an environment. This strategy seeks to minimize the environmental impact  and amplify the efficiency and sustainability of a project. Green building not only impacts the planning process, but takes into account designing, building, and finishing a build with the inhabitants in mind.

Green building is a way to approach construction with both the environment and the client getting their needs met sustainably. While there are many definitions, the most generally accepted definitions of green building include the planning, design, construction, and operations of buildings with several central, foremost considerations: energy use, water use, indoor environmental quality, material section and the building's effects on its site ( 

Why is Green Building Important?  Green building ensures your home is built sustainably, durably, and thoughtfully. Building a green home requires planning and thinking about the home’s future and its environmental impact. This level of care and attention to detail lends to a well-designed home with purposeful detailing, ensuring that it’s built to last. Green building also allows you to plan for what you want your home to include in the future- solar panels, electric vehicle charging, composting, etc. It allows your home to be adaptable for future technologies and sustainability efforts. This reduces future cost in the form of expensive upgrades and energy-efficient additions.

What is Highline Doing?  Projects can get certifications through a number of green-building organizations,  and we’re actively working on our company certification with LEED. Highline can work with individual clients on their specific needs regarding durable and sustainable projects, and plan houses built to last with minimal environmental impact. There are many pathways to creating a sustainable home, and we are committed to working with our clients to find the path that makes the most sense for them. With each design decision, material installed, and processes implemented, Highline is coming one step closer to a sustainable world.

If you have any questions at all about Highline’s practices, policies, or efforts toward Green building, don’t hesitate to reach out to a team member through our website!

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