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Fall Maintenance Checklist

September 1, 2021

When the days start getting longer and the evenings start getting a little colder, you know fall has finally arrived. This fall, don’t let your home maintenance get the best of you- make a plan and start early! Get on top of your home’s health and you’ll be well rewarded with avoided mistakes, repairs, and unnecessary costs.

Clean your gutters: Similar to spring maintenance, you should clean your gutters every fall. By checking up on your gutters twice a year, you can avoid a giant buildup of leaves that could potentially wreck your entire gutter system. Have a professional do it, or clean them yourself!

Check smoke detectors: It’s crucial to check on your smoke alarms to ensure they are still working correctly. Batteries die, and smoke detectors usually only work for about ten years before succumbing to problems. Did you know about two thirds of house fire related deaths, annually, happen because smoke alarms weren’t working? Take this opportunity to keep your house and loved ones safe!

Fertilize your lawn: During the summer, a lawn can go through a lot of stress with the extra heat. Fertilizing it will ensure it recovers and gains strength to last through the cold winter.

Clean the roof: Over the summer months, debris can get trapped under the shingles. Things like water, leaves, and sticks add wear and tear to an otherwise healthy roof. To prolong its life, hire a professional to inspect and pressure wash it. Even if it seems fine visually, a good sweep is still in order!

Check the HVAC: A biannual check of your furnace and HVAC systems is crucial for climate control in a home. To ensure that your home is ready for cooler temperatures, call a professional to do a thorough inspection. You never know what might go wrong, and it’s best to get it sorted out before winter fully arrives.

Put away summer gear: It can be easy to forget about spring/summer equipment like lawn mowers, kayak, paddleboards, and bikes. Be sure to properly clean and store equipment during the winter so you can avoid a nasty, moldy surprise come next summer. Taking proper care of outdoor equipment not only helps their longevity, but it also contributes to the overall cleanliness of a home.

Prune those plants!: Now that the summer growth cycle is over, it’s time to trim those outdoor plants! Not only will you help your plants stay healthy for the next year, you buy yourself some insurance for when the windy season starts up. Make sure that limbs and branches are at least three feet from your home, in order to minimize the chances of window or roof damage.

Annual home maintenance can feel overwhelming, but a clear plan can make things simple! Create a list of all the tasks that need to be done, and assign each task a different time slot. Starting early and spreading things out can help minimize frustration and anxiety. Taking these simple steps to invest in your home will have big rewards down the road!

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