New Construction Costs

A common question we hear is, “How much will my project cost?” This is a difficult question to answer. There are lots of different factors that affect the overall price of a project. To start we will explain the different elements that make up the cost of a project

Project Costs

  • Pre Construction: Depending on the project this will include some or all of the following; Feasibility research, wetlands evaluation, septic design, well design, surveying, scaled site plan, building plans, scope development, product selections, engineering and permitting.
  • Site work: This can include the following; septic tank install, well install, road install, house excavation, hill retention, utilities and landscaping.
  • Construction costs: This is the actual cost to build or remodel the project.

General Assumptions

  • For a new house, the site has decent load bearing soils that are easily excavated and the site is relatively flat.
  • The size of the home is between 2000-4000 sq feet including the garage. Houses that are less than 2000 sq ft are typically more per square foot. Houses that are larger than 4000 square feet start to have extra requirements, such as fire hydrants and sprinkler systems.
  • The quality of workmanship that you are looking for is top notch. There are always people that are willing to work for less money. The challenge is that people who work for free rarely do quality work.
  • You expect that the company you choose is properly licensed and bonded. In addition they compensate their workers with a fair wage and pay for workmans comp and all other taxes as required by law.

Typical Features

  • Custom Built cabinets with several built ins around the house. Avoiding Home Depot and Ikea.
  • Solid surface countertops. Typically granite or quartz.
  • Tile showers, floors and base in the bathrooms.
  • Hardwood or engineered floors throughout the house except the bedrooms which may be carpet.
  • Energy efficient windows.
  • High quality appliances.
  • High quality trim package. No three way drywall wraps around the windows.
  • Several paint colors both inside and out.
  • Nice lighting. High quality fixtures, usually with LED bulbs and dimmers throughout.
  • High efficiency heat systems.
  • Exterior siding has several different types of siding and windows are fully trimmed out.

Construction Costs

A home with these general assumptions typically starts in the $150 square foot range and can go up over $200 depending on the design, product selections, site condition, etc. If you are building a complex architecturally designed home with high end finishes then budgeting for $200 a square foot, or more, is reasonable. Keep in mind this is just the hard cost for building the home. The pre construction and site work are not part of this calculation. Is it possible to build for less? Of course, it just means that we need to pick a design and products selections that can bring the price down to meet your budget. Examples of this would include three way drywall wraps around the windows, laminate counter tops, laminate floors, extra carpet, fiberglass bath surrounds, etc.

Remodeling Cost